Too many unused phones and tablets in your office?

Get rid of them and get paid the easy way!


We’ve got the experience

10 years in the business and over 600,000 phones transacted, you can trust you’re in good hands.

No Logistic Charges

Make more from your old devices as our services do not come with any additional costs.

Hassle-free Process

Sit back and relax as we assist you with the valuation, logistics and more.

Fast Payout

Forget about waiting nervously for payments to go through. We pay you within 48 hours.

Secure Data Erasure

Device erasure methods meets the highest security standards (Phonecheck/Blancco)

Hard to Beat Prices

You can be confident that our quotes are consistent, accurate and hard to beat.

All Conditions Accepted

Over 1,500 models in all conditions accepted

Steps (6-1000 devices)

Step 1

Sign up and state the models you want to sell

Step 2

Choose how you want to hand over the devices

Step 3

We will assess the devices

Step 4

A final quotation will be provided

Step 5

Receive payment upon agreement

Grading Guideline

Fully Functional
Fully Functional
Minor Functional Defects (i.e buttons, speakers, microphone, battery)
Major Functional Defects (Motherboard issues, major LCD, camera faulty)
Would include but not limited to the following:Power On, touchscreen, sensor (gyroscope, proximity), vibrator, storage, battery, buttons, speakers, microphone, GSM connectivity, WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS, NFC, Camera (auto-focus).
Physical Body Conditions
Close to flawless, Signs of gently used Micro scratches
No deep scratches Barely noticeable at first sight
Noticeable scratches, dings,
dents at first sight
May have major scratches
Signs of well-used
All cosmetic conditions, including cracked body and housing, cracked camera lens
All cosmetic conditions including, back cover, Missing parts (i.e button screw, spen)
Would include but not limited to the following:Physical / Cosmetics Condition
Minor scratches on the frame
Major scratches, Minor dings/dents, Minor discolourations
Major Scratches, Minor dings/dents, Heavy discolouration, Engraved, Back cover spots
All housing conditions including major bent
Would include but not limited to the following: Physical / Housing Condition
LCD Conditions
Like new, Minor scratches
Moderate amount of minor
Major scratches
Not visible when screen is
turned on
Cracked Screen, Loose LCD, Chipped screen, Screen Bubble
All LCD conditions including Non-original LCD, Camera
Would include but not limited to the following: Device glass (front/back) LCD display, Device body (side/back)
Detail Category Description Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
Screen Flawless
2-3 Minor Scratches
Heavy Scratches
Has LCD lines,burns,shadow or dead pixels
Not Working
Body Flawless
2-3 Minor Scratches
Heavy Scratches
Others Cannot unlock device (Password, Find my iPhone, Apple ID, Remote management lock)
Bloated Battery
Device cannot turn on
Device cannot datawipe
Non-Genuine Parts (Only for Apple devices)
Faulty Home and Power Button
Face ID/Fingerprint not working
Speakers,microphone,buttons,Wifi,Bluetooth not working
Front or back camera not working
Liquid damage
Ghost touch
Stolen device Not Acceptable



Initial trade-in quotation is the maximum trade-in value the customer can get for a particular phone unit. It is set based on the current market value. Final trade-in quotation is the phone’s actual value after the actual phone assessment.

You will be contacted by our customer service within 24 hours upon placement of trade-in order on a weekday. Weekend orders shall be contacted on the next working day.

Your trade-in payment will be credited into your bank account upon confirmation on the final quotation and within 48 hour after collection of your trade-in device.

Your trade-in status will be showing on the EBBTI dashboard, you can track next action items from your Enterprise trade in account.

If you haven’t dropped off or shipped your device, you can cancel your trade-in by simply keeping your device.

If you’ve already sent us your device, the trade-in can’t be cancelled. If you receive a revised trade-in value after the inspection of your device which is lower than your originally quoted value, you can then choose to reject it.

Follow the instructions included in your trade-in guidelines. It explains how to prepare, pack, and ship your device.

Keep in mind that the estimated trade-in value is valid for 14 days, and we encourage you to send the device to us within this time frame to ensure that you get this value. Onsite evaluation or collection be slot as soon as possible, at a time that’s convenient for you.

No, there is no proof of purchase required to trade in a device with Apple Trade In.

However, you will need to provide the necessray proof upon SHOT check disclaimer. (Only applicable for Singapore)

For the SHOT check, the PIC will need to provide a copy of their NRIC


Before finalizing the trade-in transaction.

Yes, provided that it is not Geo Locked.

Device must be reset 1 or 2 days prior to the old device pickup schedule. Remember that all logged in account should be logged-out first and all security locks must be deactivated.

You may trade-in from 6 up to 1,000 phone or tablet per transaction.

  1. Only iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch are accepted for Enterprise trade-in.
  2. You must be the legal owner of the trade-in device.
  3. Your trade-in device must not be tied to any existing contract with Telcos.
  4. The phone or tablet must not be network and IMEI blocked, reported as stolen or counterfeit.
  5. We only accept devices that are unlocked from iCloud and Apple ID removed.

Yes, we accept defective smartphone or tablet as long as you match to the grading guidelines and complete the manual diagnostic process. Price quotation would differ depending on the defects of your device.

Please contact support for further assistance at

No, you do not need to include accessories. If you choose to include any, we will recycle them for you.

General Questions

Enterprise trade in is the web application which allows you to get an accurate quotation for your used devices within 48 Hours. CompAsia personnel will pick-up your device in bulk at a location of your convenience and payment is paid into your bank account after order confirmed!

Customer will receive a special bulk trade in prices in the checkout and sell of up to 1,000 devices at one go. It’s our trade-in and recycling program that’s good for you and the planet.

By referring to the consumer step, firstly browse through our grading guidelines. Select Enterprise Trade-in to initiate the process. Secondly, have the device you want traded in evaluated by downloading the template provided. Upload the assessment template file and receive a quote. Make sure that the unit to be traded in is available when collection happen. Make sure also that the device condition is not changed from the date of evaluation. Otherwise, the final pricing quote will be changed. Complete your order and receive your payment.

We accept all apple devices except on the too old devices with an outdated OS (Operating System) version IOS version of “11.0” and above.

Enterprise Order ID is the unique transaction reference number of the trade-in like MYCA12000XXXX.

Enterprise Trade-ID (EID) is the unique transaction reference number of the trade-in.

Enterprise Trade-ID (EID) will be provided by CompAsia after the successful assessment.

  1. Your device will undergo a Data Erasure process (complies with International Standard DoD 5220.22-M) to ensure all data is permanently deleted and unrecoverable.
  2. Any personal data left in the device will not be recoverable.

Your traded-in device will be refurbished, recycled or resold.

  1. Walk-in to CompAsia HQ
  2. Call Customer Service Centre at 6010 8359 079
  3. WhatsApp at +Whatsapp: +6010 8359 079
  4. email us at

Generally it takes 1 week, but the sooner we receive your device, the sooner we can verify its condition and process the final evaluation and final quotation.

Before you send us your device, we’ll tell you how to back up and erase all of your data. This will ensure that all of your personal information is completely removed from your device before you trade it in or recycle it.

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